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"Disco Inferno"- 50 cent

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Let's Read About Selenium

Use this link, and learn some more things about selenium :   it's very interesting
I think that a very good nutritional supplement is the Forte Pharma Royal Jelly + ACE + Selenium oral vials. It is a very good combination, (especially because it includes 1200 mg of Royal Jelly).

Selenium, The Nutrient of Protection

How To Eat More Foods With Selenium

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Can I Get Enough Selenium from My Food?

Preventing Illnesses and Diseases with Vitamin C

10 Practical Gifts for an Adventurer


Pitbull - Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) ft. T-Pain

Santa Claus came earlier for me this year- At last 28% fat in the fat scales

My Home Body Fat Scales showed 65.4 kilos ( starting point 95.5 kilos on April 2009). 

My fat is now 28% ( it was 36% on June 2010 with 72 kilos of total weight  then) , 

Lean mass ( sceleton + muscles ) 39% and water 46% ( the same water was then again and the lean mass was about 34%).

Which means that the 100% of the weight loss since June 2010 was fat, and 900 gr more became muscles while it was fat 7 months ago....

I think that the egg whites were a great help for me because I increased my muscles, kept more water in my  body ( because the muscles keep the water) AND .... I killed the fat! 

I am very happy for this success, because I didnt' hope to go <30% in fat before March.  Of course, I have bought the 4th 20-pack of eggs yesterday, which means that I consumed 64 egg whites already and since then ( about 2 1/2 weeks) I have lost 2 kilos of weight 100% of which was fat. Egg whites work quickly; this means that I had thousands of "builders" ( because I was executing…

Mattyas - Missing you (official video mix)

Ηοw many grams of protein did you receive today?

A good online machine for consulting online visitors about the proper protein intake is given by the University of Maryland . Do a click on . My proteins are 63-78, according to the activities of the day. This is the protein I need to be healthy, vital and strong. But I want to increase my muscles - I should add some more protein , especially during the days of hard workouts. Weights and an over-intake of protein may make you bulk in relatively short time, but if you are a woman you should know that whoever gets "larger" in muscles she should continue this kind of nutritional habits and gyms for ever, otherwise she will become worse than before the bulking procedure. So, the best is to add only a few grams of protein per day if you want to become more muscular. Do not forget that too much protein may produce fat in people who are not athletic because muscles need protein + gyms to develop, only food or only gyms are no…

The weather is better today in Thessaloniki- Too much misery in Hospitals!

Today I went to a Endocrinological Unit to receive the blood test results of my mother. Not only I was waiting 1.30 hours out of the examination office and one "lady" ( who looked like a buffalo with blonde hair) wanted to kill me because she thought I would take her priority, the doctor was a young boy who seemed to be like a fish out of the water, because we were only 5 people in total and he was keeping each for 45 minutes - how *?&*?@????   can a man be? When I entered the office- although he knew I am a doctor he kept the last 45 minutes for me- I understood why he needed 45 minutes for each patient. Because he made private medical lessons to the patients ( how ???&&%*@????) . I told him that I am a doctor ( again) and I dont need to learn about the metabolism of D3 because I was taught about this 20 years before, and I asked ( again) for the results which he didnt give to me because his printer was out of use!!! Anyway, I went to an other office and I recei…

Thessaloniki is in White today - Cold and White!

Forget it about this night  because I feel sooooo cold!!!

11 Great Exercises Anyone Can Do ( Exercise Ideas for Seniors)

By Melanie Winderlich Medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH
Staying active can keep you feeling and looking your best — at every stage of your life. An active lifestyle is especially important for senior health because regular exercise can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer, and it can also reduce pain associated with arthritis. By improving balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength, older adults can stay healthier longer. The National Institute on Aging is a great resource for learning more about the exercise benefits for seniors. Just remember to check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

Work In Aerobics
Aerobic activity helps older adults burn off calories, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, maintain joint movement, improve heart health, and increase energy levels overall. Building endurance may take some time, depending on your health and activity level. Try starting with 5-minute cardio sessions…

My experience with L-Carnitine

Yesterday I received L-carnitine in the middle of my workout, just before going to the bike and I managed to do in the same time ( 33 min) 800 metres more and 50 Kcal more without struggling or getting tired. My score for the 33 min on the bike varied from 4 to 4130 Km and the Kcal varied for 98 to 108 Kcal for the past 2 months.
So, I like what happened with carnitine and I hope that it really helps for the intramuscular fat loss - which is the most difficult to lose! I will tell you in about 2 months ( what happened with my fat weight % ).

L-Carnitine and weight loss

Top 22 Al Pacino Movies

Animals that eat sunshine ( like me, yes!)

Photosynthesis isn't just for plants: it turns out that animals from sea slugs to salamanders can do it too. So what use do they make of this surprising ability, and could we humans turn it to our advantage? Our lead story for this week asks if we should make a fish that feeds on sunshine. Also this week: the quantum links that will let computers understand language; forget alien arsenic life, maybe we should look for bugs that like chlorine; and the latest on efforts to erase bad memories. Sumit Paul-Choudhury, online editor of New Scientist.

Michael Jackson Duet with Akon - Hold My Hand

Dr. Dre - Kush ft. Snoop Dogg, Akon

10 Foods That Will Make You Gorgeous (Can Enhance Your Skin and Hair)

By Anne L. Fritz Medically reviewed by Rosalyn Carson-DeWitt, MD You eat a healthy diet, regularly choosing natural foods, so why not follow suit with your beauty routine? Many foods that are healthy to eat also offer powerful benefits for your skin and hair — and they've found their way into a wide variety of beauty products. “A lot of chemicals can cause irritation, while natural ingredients tend to be absorbed well and contain actual antioxidants and enzymes in their purest, most potent form,” says Deborah Longwill, MD, a dermatologist at the Miami Center for Dermatology. Check out these natural ingredients that can aid your beauty regimen.

1. OLIVE OIL-Olive oil has been revered for centuries as a natural moisturizer, and with good reason. “Olive oil is ultrahydrating,” says Dr. Longwill. It creates a barrier that protects dry skin and is particularly helpful for people who have psoriasis or eczema. Use it straight from the bottle — yes, the same olive oil you use to…

Mattyas ft. Kristina S. - Secret Love (Official Video, Greek version)

"Wham"- Last Christmas

6 Ways to Avoid Over-Exercising

By Gregory Florez
Even in a culture with so many sedentary citizens, some Americans actually exercise too much, which can be just as harmful, if not more harmful than not exercising at all. Most people are aware of the benefits of exercise — achieving peace of mind, managing weight, maintaining overall preventative health at any age name just a few. Unfortunately, however, many individuals who do exercise regularly are unaware of the dangers of over-exercising or over-training.
Training too frequently and/or too hard can create a variety of symptoms and issues. Short-term symptoms can include constant fatigue, elevated resting heart rate, a decrease in the immune system, an increased risk of injury and non-healthy weight loss. Long-term problems can include auto-immune diseases, broken down muscle tissues, stress fractures in bones and decreased levels of natural hormones. Some studies have even shown that over-training for a prolonged period can result in a shorter lifes…

I adore men with a moustache I said and then ...

I was in Drama, Paranesti ( a village by Nestos, the river), 25 years old, in a cafe with beloved friends nurses and doctors who were working there. "I adore men with a moustache" I said. Then one of the nurses answers: "Don't talk so loudly" and shows to me that in the table next to us there were 5 men with a moustache! I didn't know they had come in the next table, but it was a fantastic coincidence, don't you think? The next time I will say: "I adore Brad Pitt" I hope that Good God will do sth for me.

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