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Way Down(With Keenan Cahill and Renegade Foxxx)


Beat Dat Beat(With Keenan Cahill and DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore)


Talking about Vitamin B6 in Bodybuilding and Weight Loss

Before writing anything about Vitamin B6 we should remember that Doses larger than 100 mg may cause numbness and tingling in hands and feet.
Vitamin B6, specifically of the “pyridoxine” form is an essential vitamin for bodybuilders to take. You will obtain different advantages upon intake of the said vitamin:
- It utilizes the proper metabolism of protein and carbohydrate. For muscular growth protein is not enough if you don't receive the Vitamin B6 you need. The more protein you receive the more vitamin B6 you need in order to have results ( for muscular growth). That is why both aminoacids tablets -solutions and protein supplements contain vitamin B6 in the same bottle/tin!
Aside from supplements, you can get Vitamin B6 on foods such as liver, green beans, chicken, sea vegetables, nuts and bananas.
Deficiency of Vitamin B6 was correlated with depression in elderly. Also, deficiency of Vitamin B6 was associated with inflammation and increased oxidative stress.
About weight l…

Beat Dat Beat(with Keenan Cahill and DJ Pauly D) The Official Video


Does green tea improve stamina and athletic performance? Yes, it does!

Well, it happened to me personally. I bought green tea tablets ( Lamberts, 250 mg of catechins per tablet) and I received one tablet with my meal. Two hours later I went to the gym and of course I received my carnitine 1000mg and my royal jelly before. On that day I was full of energy and stayed for about 40 min more because I wanted to exercise more ( 3 hours+  in total). Why was that? I had received the green tea tablet to support thermogenesis and burn fat, but what about the athletic performance? Yes, it does help, because one day later I omitted the carnitine and royal jelly and received the green tea alone. My athletic perfomance was higher than when I go for exercising with no supplements at all. Much higher ( about 20% more in Km and 30 % in Kcal). So, this was an accidental discovery for me. I searched and found an interesting article for this matter. You can read it at
What I am very interested about is HOW M…

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“There are four important things in life: religion, love, art, and science.”

Τhe British Council co-organises with the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and the Paul Stolper Gallery the acclaimed artist Damien Hirst's first solo exhibition in Greece entitled New Religion.

Damien Hirst is undoubtedly one of the most significant living artists of our times. He is the most prominent member of the Young British Artists (YBAs) group, who dominated the world art scene during the 1990s, and his work continues to cause controversy.
In New Religion a cross studded with pharmaceuticals like precious jewels vindicating their significance for human life and prosperity; a silver heart pierced by needles and razor blades and wrapped in barbed wire; an altar; a carved marble pill standing in for the eucharist, a silver child’s skull and medical charts are some of the exhibits that comprise a list of open questions posed by the artist in relation to science, its role as a new religion, religion itself and art.
According to Hirst “There are four important things…

Carnitine supplementation in men over 60 is absolutely justified

It is well known that aging,especially in men, is accompanied with a loss of muscle strengthand lower testosterone in blood (24) and that testosterone inmen controls skeletal muscle protein synthesis (25). Additionally,activation of precursor hormones, such as dehydroepiandrosterone,is quite different in men and women: Whereas about a 75–100% ofestrogens are formed in peripheral tissue in women, particularlyafter menopause, this holds true for only 30–50% of androgensin men (26). Hence, muscle metabolism in females is mostly independentof circulating sex hormones, in contrast to men. This mightcontribute to the observed age-dependent decrease in musclecarnitine in males. The down-regulation of carnitine transportersattributable to reduced serum testosterone may be crucial inmales (6) because human skeletal muscle cannot synthesize carnitine.A decrease in muscular carnitine could be associated with aloss of muscle strength, although the definition of a carnitinedeficiency is not fulfi…

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Carnitine overdose and sour smell of sweat and urine

When you receive carnitine, and your needs are satisfied with a smaller amount than the one received , then some of the extra carnitine is excreted in sweat and urine. Some remains stored in the body for future needs.
So, if you receive eg. 500 mg of carnitine for executing your programmed gym workout, and you feel that your sweat is like vinegar, then you should limit your dose to 200-250 mg.
     In general, for your supplementing needs you should always been receiving the daily dose tailored  for your OWN NEEDS and not just based on the general instructions, which may be suitable for younger/older people or people with more kilos and larger frame or/and for more active people. The laboratory method is to detect carnitine levels in the blood. However, because the suggested method is a free and quick and easy method, trust it! ( If you don't trust your nose,ask somebody else! ).

Bad body odor and Smell in Urine while taking Carnitine

Answers from Dr. Kaiser
I have had a great deal of trouble in recent months when adding
L-Carnitine to my mix of supplements and vitamins. It seems to cause a bad (chemical) body odor and really smelly urine. When I quit taking just the L-Carnitine, the problem vanishes almost instantly. I've been taking 500 mg twice a day. Any suggestions? Dr. Kaiser replies:
L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps move fatty acids across the
membranes of cells and the mitochondria. These fatty acids can then be used as a fuel source thereby providing the cells of the nervous system, and the body as a whole, with additional energy that can be used for immune support and healing.
The form of carnitine that I recommend is Acetyl L-Carnitine. After careful research, I have come to the conclusion that this form is more beneficial and able to be used by the cells of the body.
I am not aware of Ac…

When Carnitine smells like vinegar : Is it spoiled or what?

Acetyl-l-carnitine would be an
ester formed from l-carnitine and acetic acid. Therefore
when manufacturing the ester the acetic might have been
used in a slight excess hence a little free acetic acid. Further,
some acetic acid would be attracted
to the electropositive portion of the l-carnitine
molecule which would form a weak bond with result being
some free acetic acid. Finally, esters bonds are often not
that stable and some of acetyl-l-carnitine is now free acetic
acid and l-carnitine.
However, if it bothers you buy an other form ( not acetyl-L-carnitine).